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A few words from some of our clients:

Pass Janitorial is your one stop shop for everything from cleaning services to painting, plumbing, you name it, and they do it. I've had the pleasure of working with them since 1999 and they always aim to please and never disappoint. I would recommend pass for business and personal needs as I've been utilizing them for both for the last 13 years. A big win factor for me is it's a Family run business and you can clearly see the pride that they take in doing things right and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Valerie Bojarski


We have been working with Pass Janitorial for over two years, and we have had a good experience. Pass employees have been punctual and have been responsive to the changing janitorial needs that exist in a school. They have been willing to learn new tools and techniques as required, and have been trustworthy.

David Gross

Alma Heights Christian High School

More on the way!